Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

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In today’s world, plastic is considered as the most versatile, stretchable and useful material that is not only used for packaging materials but also in many other ways.

Plastic resins are no single material; actually, it is the material of various family members, and all different member of resin family have different properties.

Plastic resins are created with the help of the heating process known as Cracking Process. The only purpose of heating is to break down the large molecules into the small fragments of propylene and ethylene.

Plastic resins have come from the refining process of crude oil in which hydrocarbons are breaking down to form small molecules. Not only light in weight, but the plastic resins are also highly energy efficient and recyclable. Here you can learn the 7 different types of Plastic Resins that are increasingly used nowadays.

7 Types of Resin Packaging

High-Density Polyethylene HPDE

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

This type of plastic resin is made up of petroleum. As compared to other members, this High-Density Polyethylene is light in weight, yet the intermolecular power of its molecules is supers strong.

This type of plastic resin is often used to replace heavy materials. With its shatter-resistant properties, this HDPE the most common plastic resin material has low-density.

It can effectively resist weather, and its standing power in high temperatures is slightly high as compared to low-density Propylene.

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This HDPE plastic material has a low impact on the environment, and its malleability power is high as compared to others.

Common Uses


Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

This HPDE plastic type is commonly used in milk jugs, grocery bags, motor oil, distilled water bottles, dish detergent, fabric softener, bleaches & lotions, liquid laundry, etc.

Due to its resisting power against mold, rotting, and insects, HDPE is also used in the manufacturing process of underground pipes.


  • Light in weight with high malleability value
  • High in density and withstand for long lastingly in high temperatures
  • Shatter and weather resistant

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

PETE or PET is the chemical name of polyesters.  PET is clear, robust and lightweight plastic that is commonly used in the packaging of foods and beverages.

Ethylene Glycol and Terephthalic Acid are the main building blocks of PET that form large structures of polymer chains.

PET is approved from Global Safety Approval Authority for the packaging of food items. As compared to glass and other plastic resins, PET is not bio-degradable product and its inert material is great resistant against micro-organisms.

Common Uses


Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

PET is commonly used in peanut butter jars; fruit juices bottles, soft drink bottles, space blankets, alcohol beverages bottles, etc. PET sheets are also used in photos, video and packaging films.


  • Excellent resistance material to different solvents
  • Transportation is easy and efficient
  • High impact value and shatter resistance
  • Biological degradability is not easy
  • Excellently resist oxygen, water, and Carbon Dioxide

Low-Density Polyethylene

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

Made up from the monomer of ethylene, LDPE is the thermoplastic with high resilience value. As compared to HDPE; Low-Density Polyethylene has increased number of branching of carbon atoms.

Due to the weak inter-molecular forces, this resin type is made up in the translucent and opaque form.

As compared to other types of plastic resins, the molecules of LDPE are not packed tightly, and its density is also low.

Common Uses:

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

The common uses of LDPE are in dry-cleaning bags; trash can liners, food storage containers, squeezable containers, six-pack soda can rings, bread bags, etc.


  • Act as a strong resilient against oils, acids, and bases
  • With toughness, flexibility and translucent, this resin material is less crystalline due to increase number of side branches
  • Its density is low


Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

Made up from monomer styrene, this resin type is considered as the polymer of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Commonly found in foam or solid form, this plastic resin is low in cost as compared to other types.

With an exceptional coefficient of flexibility, PS is explicit, hard and brittle material. With low melting and boiling points, PS generally appears in transparent form.

With the combination of rubber, the PS can make High-Impact Polystyrenes that are more durable as compared to simple PS.

Common Uses

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

PS is commonly used in the manufacturing of yogurt cups, drinking straws, vitamins syrup bottles, hot cups, clear carryout containers, bottle caps, knives & forks, egg cartons, fast food packets, etc.


  • In foamed form, it has excellent insulation properties
  • The low thermal conductivity value
  • At room temperature, it can maintain its solid glossy form
  • Offers significant value off stiffness
  • For short-shelf life products, it can act as an excellent barrier
  • It appears in transparent form naturally

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

It is the essential synthetic resin that is made up of the polymerization of Vinyl Chloride. This resin type is enormously using in the packaging process of domestic and industrial products. It’s chemical composition is biologically resistant free. PVC appears as the most stable type of plastic resins, and it is a rigid plastic in is pure form. With its lightweight, PVC has higher flexibility values.

Common Uses

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

PVC is commonly used in clothing bags, electrical wire insulation, tubing, upholstery, pipes, chemical water bottles, waterbeds, pool toys, plastic bottles, etc.


The plastic packaging comes into two forms such as flexible packaging and rigid packaging. Both forms of PVC are highly resistible and contain highly reactive compounds known as free-radical initiators.

Sulfone Polymer

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

Considers as the high-performance thermoplastics, the sulfone polymers are high-heat amorphous that has more tensile value.

The coefficient of hydrolytic transparency is high in Sulfone Polymers as compared to another type of plastic resins.

These polymers can handle a wide range of temperatures and can withstand prolong with water exposures. With the characteristics of high-melting values of viscosity, the Sulfone Polymer is commonly available in three forms.

Common Uses:

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

The end-using sector of Sulfone Polymer is used for the packaging of medical and electronic items. The other three forms of SP are used commonly in the household, and in the packaging of food and industrial products.


  • High hydrolytic stability power
  • It is a high-heat amorphous solid
  • Low-smoke emission
  • Great resistant for chemicals


Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

With high-performance properties, PC is considered as the dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic. With different safety features, Polycarbonate is the most demanding form of plastic resins that require high temperature for functioning. PC has great power of handling minimal degradation between the cooling and heating process.

Common Uses:

Popular Plastic Resins and Types of Packaging (For Your Product)

Polycarbonate is commonly in the manufacturing of electronic components, industrial lightning and aircraft components.


  • High resilient
  • Great UV Filtration Power
  • PC is coated with protecting layer against scratches

On the basis of production, product details, the capacity of the plastic and pressure handling information, The Plastic Industry Producers Statistic Group of American Chemistry Council has provided an extensive business use and comprehensive report on resins. Resin packaging producers use this PIPS report for making critical decisions in business.

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