#2021 Cosmetic Product Packaging Trend of Design and Material

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Is cosmetic product packaging important? Admit that: People do judge things by their appearance, especially when it comes to the cosmetic product packaging industry, who looks ugly, who lose.

There is a growing number of consumers in the cosmetic industry. Many industries have already prepared themselves for this huge gain of consumers.

In 2016, the revenue for the cosmetic industry estimated at about 62.46 billion dollars. This is in the United States alone. Worldwide, the cosmetic market grew an estimated 4% in 2016. In the coming years, roughly to 2021, the Asian beauty market is projected to grow by nearly 14.9 billion U.S. dollars in sales.

The Asian cosmetic market accounts for about 40% of the global market. Asia and Oceania are industry leaders. Thus said, having your cosmetic product packaged and designed is a great deal of the business.

Since the cosmetic industry is building, the demand for these products has greatly increased. However, the cosmetic product packaging and design of the cosmetic products are what is making the sales.

Companies with the proper cosmetic product packaging and design are the ones who make most of the money.

Current Cosmetic Product Packaging Trends

In 2019, people are expecting more. Everyone knows that technology has advanced. So, consumers expect some modern technology in the packaging.

People want a visual experience that will satisfy what they are looking for. When people feel comfortable with a package, they feel more inclined to buy the product.

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Pastels Packaging

Feminine products are on the rise, so the packaging needs to stick out for females. Pastels create a calm package design. They can make the colors on the cosmetic product packaging explode.

This creates a hyper-stimulation that consumers are looking for. Pastels have a reduced saturation which is great for creating soft effects.

Additionally, they give off a warm aura and a pleasant welcoming because the colors remind buyers of light. Pastels are a great way of easing a consumer into buying it rather than hitting them with something dazzling.


Holographic Effects for Cosmetic Product Packaging

As mentioned before, consumers want to experience the technology of today. This can be provided by using holographic foil.

2018 Cosmetic Product Packaging Design and Material Trends

red cosmetic product packaging box

They create a three-dimensional array of different colors. This adds elegance and value to a cosmetic package.

In simpler terms, a holographic design is a photograph that scatters light to create a three-dimensional photo of an object.

Holographic effects have been in use since 1971, and they have improved drastically over the many years since then.

Today, holographic effects have been some of the trendiest designs compared to recent years.

Big words in Cosmetic Packaging

Using big words is an easy design to get a cosmetic product to the consumer. If big words are used in a clear and creative way, the message will be worth bringing further.

The words can be funny or serious but any clear message will work. Big words are easy to read, so the words themselves should also be just as easy to read.

The font should not be something ridiculously hard to decipher. If the big words are combined with awesome colors and good word choice, the cosmetic product will definitely draw some attention.

Functioning packages

The help of technology today makes a package that can function possible. A functioning package can be anything. Such as a package with a scratch-and-sniff sticker.

A functioning package can have special movements like a twist or pull function.

This makes the cosmetic package more fun. When people are out shopping, a simple functioning package can lighten the mood.

Instead of focusing on the price tag, consumers will have their attention drawn to the cool functions of the package.


Materials of Cosmetic Product Packaging

Cosmetic industries are always asking themselves, “What does the consumer want?”

2018 Cosmetic Product Packaging Design and Material Trends

cosmetic product packaging box for Spa

Well, simply put, the consumer wants something that makes them feel good. Equipping your package with the proper material will make a big impact on how a product sells.

Using a hard or boring material is not good for a cosmetic product.

Meanwhile, using something super fuzzy will also turn new consumers away. Industries usually use some sort of sleek design and an easy to grab material. Plastics of all sorts are included in this.

Online brands use certain materials for cosmetic product packaging to improve their e-commerce. Online shopping is hot today.

Online brands are aware of their competition, so they will try to offer something their competition does not.

They stay honest and simple but still try to add something to spice up the packaging. The cosmetic packaging should be so explanatory that the consumer can see it without having their hands even on the package.

Using approachable materials makes cosmetic packaging easier for the industry.


Eco-friendly is important for the Cosmetic industry

The world is changing and there are many people attempting to help the planet using Eco-friendly packages. Eco-friendly cosmetic product packaging is anything that is easily recyclable and is safe for individuals or the environment.

Also known as green packaging or sustainable packaging, these packages are safe for disposal. They are often reused, recycled, and biodegradable.

2018 Cosmetic Product Packaging Design and Material Trends

green cosmetic product packaging box

Sometimes, Eco-packaging can even be used in its original form. Others are made from materials that can be reused or can decompose somewhere in the environment safely.

Many cosmetic companies are switching to Eco-friendly packaging because of the issue with waste treatment. The waste treatment issue has been a problem for a long time.

Furthermore, many have switched for the sake of simplicity. Eco-friendly cosmetic product packaging uses raw materials so they are relatively easier to get.

Therefore, they are easier to produce which means they can be transported sooner. Of course, they are also safe to dispose of once used. Eco-friendly cosmetic product packaging is easier and safer for everyone.


What about the top brands?

Many of the top cosmetic brands today are successful because of their products. However, these products have been packaged for retail in the right way.

While looking at the top brands, try to think about what they all have in common. They all use simple and to the point packaging. Cosmetic companies today know that consumers want to know what they are buying.

Always keep Simplicity in mind when it comes to the cosmetic product packaging

For example, L’Oréal has an average annual growth of 5%. They are ranked third in the leading household/personal care company based on sales worldwide.

2018 Cosmetic Product Packaging Design and Material Trends

cosmetic product packaging box for LUX

The brand value is estimated to be 23.89 billion U.S. dollars. L’Oréal is favored for their cosmetics by consumers. Make-up and other luxury cosmetics were their most frequently bought products.

Their products have a simple retail packaging design. They are easy to open for access. They use Eco-friendly cosmetic product packaging for their boxes and plastic packaging.

Extra Features for Packaging Box

Their competitors, Gillette, are also known as one of the top household/personal care companies in the world. Gillette, like other companies, is known for changing the packaging sometimes.

They are always looking for a way to make the packaging better. Recently, they revamped the shaving gel bottle by replacing some aspects with better features.

They now use a rust-free plastic package too. The newer Gillette shave gel bottle also uses a see-through gel gauge to reduce waste.

Package weight

Brands like Unilever have been utilizing their product packaging as a vital aspect of their business. Unilever’s products are safe during transportation and on the shelf.

They intend to reduce waste by cutting overall cosmetic product packaging weight down. Not only does this make their products easier to carry, but it also cuts back waste.

They challenge themselves to develop cosmetic product packaging that is lightweight, cost-effective, and multipurpose. For example, on their shampoo bottles, they have a special snap-top cap.

Instead of opening and closing like a normal cap, this cap snaps open a small hole. You can press it open or closed. This reduces how much plastic is used. In total packaging weight, this makes a difference.

Logo importance for Packaging Boxes

Some companies will go as far as refreshing their logo. Nivea is a prime example. They changed the cosmetic product packaging lettering to a clean, white with an imprinted royal blue circle of tin.

Nivea is internationally known for its multipurpose cream but has expanded to all kinds of skincare products. They are using a more approachable logo to attract consumers.

Nivea sometimes uses a different brand logo style for different countries. This makes consumers think that the product is made domestically even though it is actually made in Hamburg, Germany.


Sample sizing of Plastic Boxes

Brands like Avon have taken a different approach. They package their product in smaller one-time use bottles for samples. Over the years, this has increased their sales substantially.

They let people try their products without purchase in an easy way without wasting anything. Most of these smaller sample bottles are Eco-friendly so they can be reused or disposed of properly.

Refillable containers

The point is many companies have different ways of offering what their competition is not. This is gone about in tons of different ways. Like I mentioned above, the Eco-friendly packaging is on the rise.

Kjaer Weis is a cosmetic company that offers the option to refill makeup. Their packaging eliminates the need for throwing it away and instead allows the consumer to use it again.

Kjaer Weis uses these Eco-friendly containers for their products like purveying foundations, eyeshadows, and blushes. Using refillable containers helps the environment and it is cheaper too.

Metal containers

Sometimes, downsizing a product is not a bad thing. Using metal containers is quite popular too. Burt’s Bees uses tiny .6 oz containers for their Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

People can use these small metal containers for anything after they use the product.

Glass packaging

Companies like Love + salt use glass packaging. Glass packaging is an environmental material that is great for reusing. Glass can simply melt back to more glass.

Glass packaging products can be reused over and over again. However, glass products can be dangerous for the consumer. In a bathroom, things can get slippery. If the glass is shattered, it can cause quite a dangerous mess, especially for children.

But, for cosmetic products like perfume or cologne, glass products are the best choice. They keep the scent of the product fresh without any outside scent influences. It is advised to make these glass bottles small just in case an accident does occur.

Cloth Bags

Products like soap can actually be packaged with a cloth. Cloth packaging is great for any and all naturally good smelling products. B.A.R.E. packages their bars of soap in little drawstring cloth bags.

They can be reused for just about anything. They provide easy access and simplicity. These bags are safe for anyone and are not hazardous in any way.


 Numerous Eco-friendly options

The importance of Eco-friendly packaging has been prioritized by a number of companies. Brands like Mel Millis, True Organic, Tata Harper, and Zao have all switched to Eco-friendly packaging.

These packages are made out of everything from recycled paper to bamboo. Mel Millis uses paper with wildflower seeds. After using the product, the consumer can put it in their garden.

True Organic of Sweden uses plant-based biodegradable plastic. They have adopted the green packaging trend as many should. Tata Harper uses glass bottles but has gotten rid of their labels.

All of the information is directly printed on the glass. On the other hand, Zao uses bamboo. That’s right, bamboo, It looks beautiful and is far less fragile than glass. Zao Organic Makeup has created its entire cosmetics line using Eco-friendly bamboo.

Companies like Unilever, L’Oréal, and Nivea lead the cosmetic industry. They all utilize great packaging for their awesome products.

These products would not be where they are today without good packaging. They use Eco-friendly packaging for their cosmetic products.


Cosmetic Product Packaging Box is More and More important in 2019

As it seems to show, using the right packaging design for a cosmetic product is most important. The packaging needs to fit the product inside.

If it is a product that is usually needed to be accessed frequently, the cosmetic product packaging should be simplistic. If the cosmetic product is something you rarely need to use, then the packaging should provide a safe shelf life.

Making sure the cosmetic product packaging fits the product is crucial to sales.

The cosmetic market is growing, so the need for packaging is also increasing. Many have already switched to Eco-friendly packaging.

However, it is smart to choose to package based on what a product needs most. This most often times can be Eco-friendly.


Fine a manufacturer to produce high quality plastic packaging box for cosmetic product

Are you part of the retail industry? Do you need a good design for your cosmetic product packaging? Well, ALPPM can be your solution. ALPPM is a plastic packaging supplier. They do retail plastic packaging for some of the biggest name brands.

ALPPM(Asian Leading Plastic Product Manufacturer) provides plastic products for brands all across the world. ALPPM sells a wide variety of plastic.

If you are part of a retail company, then you will most likely need plastic packaging.

ALPPM leads the industry in retail plastic packaging and makes revolutionary PVC/PET/PP plastic cosmetic product packaging products.

ALPPM was founded in 2001. Their base of operations is located in Shanghai, China.

Additionally, they have passed many inspection reports and inspection certificates like the ISO9001:2005. They have printing machinery imported from Germany.

It is the Heidelberg six-color UV printing machine. This machinery and the professional team working at ALPPM make sure they make the best cosmetic product packaging designs.

The clients who have already found all their retail plastic packaging needs with ALPPM is an outstanding list. Clients include Adidas, Unilever, Sony, Thomas & Friends, Durex, Starbucks Coffee, Lock & Lock, L’oreal, Nivea, J!NS, M&G, and Bosideng. The plastic packaging supplier, ALPPM, has a growing client base. They make materials, print, die cut, glue, and package all under the same roof. This makes it easy for ALPPM to provide plastic packaging products without any assistance.

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